“Grand Champion Winterberry’s Think of Me” (Searsia)

American Grand Champion and BOS 2014 Breeder’s Cup Winner

Spectacular Domino Female

BREEDERS CUPIMG_7404   Breeder's Cup WinIMG_9272Searsia Win 1BREEDERS CUPIMG_7446BREEDERS CUPIMG_7408KIMIMG_4405Searsia 11Searsia runSearsia face



“Grand Champion Glitter N’ Glamor Touch of Freedom” (Mia)

Multi-pointed including a 5 point major at an Afghan Hound Specialty

Adorable Black Masked Silver Female

Mia big winMia runMIA STACKEDKIMIMG_4364KIMIMG_4369Moa 2Mia winMia MiaMia 5Mia 3Mia 1



“Kasban’s Idolize the Wind” (Liza)

Graceful Blue/Silver

427801_2903501955312_1161794780_n[1]        Liza 2        Lizza     Liza on ground



“Winterberry’s So You Wanna Play with Magic” (Darcy)

Sweet Domino Female

dacry 21darcy 31Darcy faceDarcy 1


Calamus Coffeina” (Coffee)

Magnificent Black Masked Red

IMG_0629 IMG_0640 IMG_0641 IMG_0642